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Boog-ia interview

Friday 4 May 2001, by Paul Kirkness

I hope I don’t have to introduce Boog-ia to the French readers... If I do, it’s a scandal! I’ll overlook it for now but I want all of you to pay great attention to this extremely gifted band... Boog-ia have a mere two years of existence behind them but they sound like they’ve had a dozen. We managed to scrape some time of Winny’s (bass) heavy time-table to answer a couple of questions...

What is Boog-ïa ?I know that its noisy, that it doesn't sound too friendly…

Winny (bass): Well… Actually, it doesn't mean anything at all… We just liked the way it sounded… I guess that's it really. <?xml:namespace prefix = o />

And do you think that its clear what you are when we listen to Poohland…? My granma didn't think so… She thought you dudes were nuts…

Poohland was recorded one year after my arrival in the band. I guess that this 4-track is a little like a melting-pot of all we listened to back then, from Mariah Carey to VOD but also Radiohead and Mr. Bungle. In Poohland, we are still searching a little bit, sometimes it is obvious that we don't know were we are heading… But in the last eight months, we have a direction. It is a lot more precise and the rock we play is more what we are… The new Boog-ïa is a sort of mix between pop passages (Radiohead, Cave In) cut up by riffs which are a lot more aggressive (Strife, Snapcase or even Converge sounds).

When people listen to Poohland, do they click then ?

It depends, but in general we had some pretty good feedback.

Maybe you think they would rather see you live… where the energy is more… present.

It is true that most people prefer to come and see us rather than listen to our CD… The thing is not that the CD is bad I think but that we are fucking raw energy on stage. We let it all loose!

If we wanted to see Boog-ïa play live… Where should we be? Do you actually move a lot?

We have only been around for two and a half years, which makes us a pretty young band I guess. So it's a lot easier to see us if you live in Paris or around it… But we've done some gigs in the rest of France and from the month of June 2001 we should be able to "export" ourselves a lot more.

Where do you see yourselves in say two, three years ? Super rock stars with loads of groupies

It is a bit early to answer your question I guess… The only thing is that I can say we are full of fucking ambition and we are ready to tear shit up.

Does Boog-ïa take up a big part of your lives?

We are in Boog-ïa full time now. As soon as we have some free time we go in to practice and write songs… Our guitarist doesn't think we do enough but you know… Otherwise we try to organize gigs…

What do you do apart from that as in for work ?

Emo, our singer and guitarist… Well he's in the system of French Facultés. That's like a free university really. So he is a student. Strife, the drummer, is a mechanic. Dumby (guitar and backing vocals) works on and off when he gets stuff to do and me, well I work in a pharmacy.

Are you straight-edge?

Fuck yeah !

I thought that's what I'd heard… So you have the little cross on your hands and shit !

What do you mean little cross ! We have huge mother fucking crosses on our hands man!

What gave you the impulse to become straight-core ?

We saw the shit that alcohol and drugs do to people and that gave us the desire to cut all that crap. We used to do some shit… Now, no way man.

Since I just used the word 'core' and that I dig doing that… You guys like hard-'core'. Would you say that you are a hardcore band… ?

Yeah man, we really dig hardcore. Most of our bands of reference are in hardcore: Snapcase, Strife, Converge, Cave In, Bbotch, Code Seven, Big Blue Monkey… There are shit-loads. I won't go through all we listen to but it's true that a lot of the bands are underground hardcore. However, I don't think I'd label our music as being hardcore. It's true that we always try to outline that particular influence though. Not so much on Poohland but on the stuff we do today. If you really want a label then I guess you could say we play post-hardcore like Botch, Cave In or Glassjaw…

So is there going to be a following to Poohland…?

Yup! From the beginning of May we will be recording a five-track but only two tracks will go for sales. We need the three other tracks for the record companies and stuff…

I'll give you some words and you tell me the first thing that comes through your head… So let's go Mo!

Chirac: Cunt

McDonalds: Fucking gross

Lofo: Fora

Hot Dog: Chien chaud

Politics: Nothing to do with it. All thieves and cunts…

Message: Xstraight edge for lifeX!

Mobile phone: Practical but expensive

Last angry shout-out !

Could people please stop listening to the shit that they serve you on a tray on the radio or television. Dig a little deeper in the musical style you like and I'm sure you can find stuff that you will really like rather than being spoon-fed music!

Band's URL: www.boogia.com



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