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Paris, November 17th 2003

2 Sounds from Britain in one evening- Radiohead and ADF Live

Radiohead and Asian Dub Foundation Live

Thursday 20 November 2003, by arthur, Christopher Montel, Paul Kirkness

Both are from Britain, and at first glance that’s as close Radiohead and Asian Dub Foundation seem to get. But having already met a few years ago, Radiohead chose the Foundation as its supporting group to play in Paris on November 17th.

We came in a few minutes late, but as the Sounds crew hedged its way through the centre of the pit, Asian Dub Foundation had already started. Still, the group managed to bring in the crowd fairly quickly to their sound, and their calls for alternative globalisation. They played some new tracks very much on a drum and bass line, as well as excellent Live versions of Digital Underclass, and Collective Mode.

Asian Dub Foundation only played for an hour, and that was really a bummer. They deserved more than a crowd which had mostly come for Radiohead, but you could see they had given the Oxford boys a Royal Way by warming up the place just right. A beer and a couple of spliffs later, Radiohead came on, and for two hours almost uninterrupted, they lived up to the occasion. They gave the public what it wanted, its best tunes. Most were from OK Computer, Airbag, and towards the very end Karma Police. But the best was their extended version of Creep, probably one of their most intense songs.

Radiohead is not only an incredibly good band, it also gives excellent Pop-rock concerts. The singer, Thom Yorke, switched perfectly between his piano, guitar and voice, and had cameras following him which he also found time to stare into, showing and showing them on massive screens.

It was really a cool concert, both groups spoke out against Bush Junior’s visit to the UK on November 20th and greeted us in the French words they knew. ADF kept saying Qu’est ce qui s’passe!, Thom Yorke, ca va?...Guys, come back here more often, you’ll see how French language and people are easier to learn than it seems!!

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