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The Bad and the Ugly

Sharon’s 2001 victory

Friday 4 May 2001, by Christopher Montel

These look like uncertain times dear friends... Junior is now head of the most powerful state in the world, and has already used his cool awesome military power against Saddam Husain, by killing more Iraqi civilians in the last recent bombing of Baghdad.

In another country not far from Iraq, and who strangely has the same kind of history as the United States- just replace American Indian native by Palestinian Arab, another right wing maniac has managed to fool the majority of the electorate into making them believe he will set things right...yes, ladies and gentlemen, Ariel Sharon is back in power.

I find it surprising that the Likud party fascists have chosen this-now very old- war criminal as their representative candidate for Israeli elections. Last time Sharon had power-and misused it completely in the Lebanese war in 1982-he forced all his Likud accomplices back in Jerusalem to withdraw from government, under pressure from opposition groups.

Remember...Sharon was finally able, as Chief Commander of the Tsahal (literally defence army), to invade Lebanon a second time in 1982. He led a kind of personal war, taking a series of initiatives which had not been really planned beforehand but supported by Mehanem Begins government, and ended up occupying half of Lebanon, up to Beirut, the capital. After having used several kinds of biological weapons (there is evidence phosphorous bombs were launched against Palestinian fighting groups...and hospitals) to control the chaotic situation in the Lebanese capital, torn between Christian and Muslim factions, the Israeli army and Sharon decided to stay there a while to make sure the Palestinian Liberation Organisation would definitely leave Lebanon for good.

In fact Sharon wanted to replace the Lebanese situation of the time- a divided country living in civil war between confessional groups, in which the main Palestinian military and political organisation had managed to retreat after 1970, by one that better suited his vision of the middle east: A new order in Israel and Lebanon, where the backward Arab Muslim populace would be subjugated by the cilisational power of the Christians and the Zionists. In other words, Sharon, his collaborators, supporters and sympathisers believed peace in Lebanon would be achieved the same way as in Israel: you invade, you impose your rule and sole power over those you invade, and when they start complaining about the fact that they have no freedom or equal opportunities as the people they are ruled by, you destroy them.

You dont exterminate them in one go, otherwise you get problems from the international community. But if you kill bit by bit, progressively, and then say it was legitimate defence, you can hope to have eradicated the Palestinian threat only in a few decades without too many problems or obstacles. You can even get to kill teenage fedayeens with napalm supplied by the United States in the Golan Heights, on an April morning of 1967. Its a very easy and straightforward policy Ariel is offering to his nation and to us in general, no humanitarian blathering, no ethical dead-weights...What is the life of an underdeveloped Arab next to the grandiose scheme of establishing the fascist, neo-Aryan concept of Zionist rule in the middle east? Dont ask Sharon to justify the genocide of the Palestinian refugees in the Sabra and Chatila camps in Beirut in September 1982, he answered that this was not Israels war (hundreds of Palestinian refugees of all ages were assassinated by Christian militias on September 15, 1982).

OK, enough irony and bitterness. Now to the facts: Sharon and his Likud party are the major threat of the middle east, more than any bearded fanatic armed with a Kalashnikov and a Quran. It has now been proven statistically that for every Israeli who died since 1947, 50 Palestinians paid with their lives. Sharon called his 1982 operation in Lebanon, Blitzkrieg(Lightning war, which was Hitlers way of baptising his expansionist and extermination campaigns in eastern Europe)...How sick and ironic is that? He plans on blatantly developing more Zionist settlements in Palestinian territory, and will destroy any opposition to the settlements and justify them as preserving peace.

His status as a national hero in Israel does give him more political weigh and presence than the low-profile, Mapai (Israeli labour party) technocrat, Ehud Barak, who had neither the personal charisma, or enough effective power in his hands to make progresses in the peace negotiations or the status of Arabs and Muslims in Israel. This is probably what made him win the elections.

Frightened and ignorant sheep will always vote for the obvious, the ostentatious, the visible, even if it is a cover, an illusion. Is Sharon the selfless servant of the Zionist nation, who will make everything turn miraculously right, as his supporters and voters apparently believe? They should remember, once again, that he made the Likud lose the control of the state after 1982 for some time because of his foolish and criminal conduct during the Lebanese invasion, and made people throughout the world realise that Zionist Israel was not, or no more, the land of the martyrs of European anti-Semitism, but rather the revitalisation of racial supremacism and hate, of which Sharon and his voters were still the victims of half a century ago.

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