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The Number 23 - directed by Joel Schumacher

Wednesday 19 March 2008

Frankly, nothing much to declare. Which is sad...

From an amazingly good idea, the film’s narration unfolds into a meaningless blur. I have never been a fan of Jim Carrey yet I must recognise that his part in movies like The Truman Show or the even better The Man On The Moon were signs that the man can act. Well the thing is that The Number 23 is a continuation of this demonstration. Yet, he has chosen the wrong film.

The whole film was based on an original idea by writer Fernley Phillips and, it must be said, it is based on a very interesting and - at the beginning of the film - captivating idea. Indeed, we quickly discover a character whose reading of a book quickly takes him into a level of paranoia which is quite unexplainable... It transpires that the links between the writer and the reader are numerous and, very rapidly the former’s obsession with the number 23 becomes the obsession of the latter... with some potentially interesting consequences.

And the word ’potentially’ here is the important one. So much could have been built around such an intriguing beginning... But the movie as a whole quickly begins to flip and flop. It is as though the director was jumping on any little idea that might make a faster ending which is extremely regrettable. If Carrey’s performance is clearly remarkable, the film - and its pitiful ending - is not.


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