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Spartan - by David Mamet

Friday 11 June 2004

David Mamet is a Sam Sheppard of his own kind. Like many among us who master a number of arts, David Mamet excels, in a very peculiar kind of way, in the art of making films and writing plays. His latest film, Spartan, will soon be in your theaters.

It pictures the tale of a Secret Services Agent who works on rescuing the daughter of the President of the United States of America. Sounds like shit, doesn’t it? Think again, David Mamet is behind the camera, brilliantly directing a usually uncharismatic Val Kilmer. Not much can be said about the storyline of the movie since it unfolds as drape to reveal the full picture, and we wouldn’t want to spoil it, more importantly it is not vital to the work. David Mamet has a definitive style in film making. Throughout his work elements of distinction can be found. Originating from a playwrite background, his dialogues are heavily worked on, and have a very cut up edge to them. Some don’t appreciate it, yet recognize the fact that it is refreshing in a industry that tends to norm the paces of films and, in this precise case, vocal exchanges.

I’d love to explain the parallel between the modern story in the film and its reference to Ancient Sparta, but first of all I don’t want to unveil the story and secondly I’m not too good on my Ancient Greek history. Hopefully someone smarter will come forward and give us a few hints...

We particularly recommend "The Spanish Prisonner" and "The House of Games" by David Mamet. As far as his plays are concerned, check out "Squirrels", or "Sexual Perversity in Chicago"...


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