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Skin - Fake Chemical State

Monday 24 April 2006

Far from the days of Skunk Anansie, Skin shows that she is a punk fan before anything else. The opening track to Fake Chemical State is indeed a dead giveaway. If one excludes the background chorus, it is easy to imagine that the Dead Kennedys have just found a new female vocalist… And the tracks hobble along nicely.

Skin has not moved away from Skunk Anansie absolutely as you can find from tracks like “She’s On” or “Just Let The Sun”. However, she has it seems decided to expand her musical horizon and her vision is very wide. This is rock and roll, but it sure is sweet. The way the band mixes sounds from the past with a very modern approach to song-writing goes down nicely… Her voice is exceptional as usual and deepens the way her music touches the listener.

Fake Chemical State is very far from being album of the year, but some things are interesting. And it is nice to hear Skin’s incredible voice once more, even if some bits of tracks here and there are a little awkward to listen to. Just hope Skin “find’s her way” perhaps more solidly in the future, as she decides she needs to in the album’s third track.


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