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Sigur Rös - "Takk"

Sunday 25 September 2005

Dear reader. Like me, you realize to what extent music is a wonderful thing. Sometimes it allows for all those negative energies to be pushed out of one’s body and mind. Sometimes it acts as a release for stress. Some music provides the listener with pure energy and other music will calm his nerves. Some will create a romantic environment, others a more intellectual ambiance. Even today, composers like Penderecki, in the contemporary music world are trying to create atmospheres in which the listener will suffer from anxiety or the likes. Sigur Rös is also in a league of its own.

Ever since their fairly unsuccessful beginnings, I have been a great admirer of the music of Sigur Rös. For days on end, I would listen to the amazingly graceful Aegetis Byrjun. I would lie there and dream that I understood the lyrics. I would close my eyes and dream of flying through the airs, of beautiful night skies where all the stars are clearly visible. The music would transport me wherever I would wish it. It was almost magical.

After ( ), their second release – also a perfect hit to the heart – Takk was awaited like the Second Coming. And once again Sigur Rös show themselves worthy of having invented a form of music which is totally original and innovative. The aesthetic of the album prevails throughout, from the cover art to the construction of the tracks and the mix of electronic and classical instruments. The airy vocals and choruses provide us with the desire to escape, to shut those eyes once again and leave on an incredible voyage. Off to Iceland we go – indeed, Sigur Rös has decided to sing in Icelandic this time, whereas their previous records would be sang in an imaginary language devised by the musicians – for an overview of what can only be magnificent, showing how much Sigur Rös are capable of transcending themselves. At times one feels that the emotions used in writing up such a powerful record can only derive from desperate loneliness, at others it seems that the artists who combine to make Sigur Rös are simply observers of beauty and narraters of fantastic dreams.

As winter comes creeping, Takk will surely keep you warm...


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