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Prefuse73 - "One Word Extinguisher"

Friday 27 August 2004

Prefuse 73 sets milestones in Musical History. Too few have seen them. And I would endeavor to say that we have lived them and not walked straight ever again. Warp Records strikes again. An eagerly awaited jewel amongst, what I feel to be for this record label, a too large number of overhyped average artists (please prove me wrong!).

The album is so perfectly crafted and nurtured by our cut’n’paste master that, probably to stay true to his nasty cutting and dirty sounds, he released shortly after: extinguished : outtakes (another story soon to be told here on soundsmag).

An incredible amount of songs would require (and frankly deserve) a full apology and dissection. I’ll leave you to discover what words cannot convey. "Styles that fade away with a C" caught my attention by introducing the sampling of double bass, which I am particularly fond of. The sound kicks in with a drumbeat, your heart syncs in a second to the tune and then you savor the mixing up of unaltered bass notes and heavily saturated ones. This song is also a very good demonstration of the rebuilding skills Prefuse 73 has, the reconstruction of a melody from pieces of singing is stunning. We simply love it!

In particular "Storm Returns" captures the groove of thousands bouncing their heads to a simple beat. The sound is soothing, and yet when you least expected the cutting up takes place, shortly, leaving a taste of unsatisfied desire all over you. Yet the craving of these short and fine moments of distorted basses makes you understand Prefuse’s musical choices and perceptions.

"Untitled" is an amazing exhibit of the cut’n’paste style, perfect in all ways. The evolution is clearly towards less harsh cuts that we loved on Vocal studies and uprock narratives. MC intervention is rare yet works perfectly as "The end of biters" will clearly demonstrate. Suprises such as the use of berimbao (the Brazilian instrument) as a sample are always amusing, yet work well in his design. Shame there are tracks such as "Trains on the Top of the Game" or "Why I love you", but it reflects the cut’up imperfect nature of his work…

Prefuse73 leaves an inerasable mark on my musical perception of sounds and their use with his first opus Vocal studies and uprock narratives. This time round, with One Word Extinguisher the talent is undeniable, and it will change the way you experience music.


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