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News from the Home Front: US Universities filled with terrorists

Monday 8 December 2003

In late october the US Congress drafted a bill (HR 3077) which if passed will penalize International Studies departments in US Universities that go too far in critisizing US foreign policy in the Middle East through...federal fund slashing.

The amount of financial support a department will have will depend on the position it takes towards the official governmental line.

The idea was pushed by pro-israeli lobbies and also calls for several steps to be taken to contain the "pro-arab, pro-islamic" left-wing intellectual subversion and terrorist activity on campuses, such as nominating pro-israeli professors.

It also calls for the usual trap of "biased critisism", that is bringing two superficial approaches together, their combined shallowness giving in the end the official response the benefit of being already implemented, of being already "there". Critisism for the sake of perpetuating an illusion of democracy in one of the world’s most militarized states, where the media is closely monitored and dissent either prohibited or simply too dangerous. Soon critisism will be itself a word too closely associated to terrorism to be even suggested...

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