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Look What I Did - "Minuteman for the Moment"

Tuesday 21 February 2006

Combat Records was once upon a time, the home to many old metal bands such as Corrosion of Conformity, Venom and Megadeth. Now they’ve relaunched and are releasing a number of "new" bands, both in terms of how long they have spent on the scene but especially in terms of their chosen style of music. You’ll find up and coming new bands like the weird "nintendo-core" band Horse the Band, the political metal-hardcore At All Cost... and of course Look What I Did.

Look What I Did is a five-piece band that hails from Nashville, Tennessee - they are now based in LA. Hardcore lovers may have heard their previous release, a self-financed album called My First Time - pretty damn good. In Los Angeles they met the producer Brian Virtue (who has worked with the likes of Deftones and Jane’s Addiction), known for his adventurous and detail oriented productions - adventurous and detail oriented beeing a perfect match for Look What I Did. Together, they’ve managed to get out this label produced piece of work.

Its pretty hard to descripe the sound of Look What I Did, you could say that they count as one of the many "crazy" Mr. Bungle offshoots, but that would be totally unfair and extremely limiting. These guys stick out from that mould and have a much more distinct sound. Not only are the five friends great musicians, but they have a sort of weird consistancy to their sound that comes off as natural compared to all those other forced Bungle-imitations.

They categorize themselves as "experimental-post-hardcore-progressive-pop" which is suprisingly accurate. Throw in a little Jane’s Addiction inspiration and you’re about there. A good mix of everything good... One second they sound like a mainstream alternative rock band, and the next they turn into some pretty brutal progressive hardcore. Same thing with the vocals: the singer has a great range, and manages to scream as well as he sings. Lyrics are pretty outrageous and are damn funny most of the time... well, when they are understandable that is.

As for lyrics, you’ll notice the political messages which are regularly thrown into the complex stew. A good knock at the way "counter-culture sure is big business". But also song titles like "Fox Eats TV Ishmael" - the shows on Fox are compared to "the type of garbage that no man would find mildly erotic".

Thankfully Brian Virtue did a very good job at producing the collective effort. You can clearly hear every instrument, which is essential to Look What I Did’s music as they almost put equal importance on every one. Often with this kind of genre, vocals might appear too loud in the context of the whole. Not so in Minuteman for the Moment. Indeed, you have a perfect equilibrium.

All in all Look What I Did has to be heard to get a good idea of their sound. It even took me a couple of listens before I really appreciated this record. Check them out and give them a couple of listens before turning them off as either a chaotique mess or Mr Bungle wanna be!


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