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Logh - "A Sunset Panorama"

Tuesday 21 February 2006

Logh is a Swedish band that formed in 1998... After some trouble getting up and going, Logh’s first record hit the streets in 2002. You could already pick out the sort of minimalistic and very atmospheric, very independent rock that these guys specialise in. It is a great listen and typically the kind of music you’d write if you were going through those cold and wintry nights in Sweden. It is true to say that their music is fairly slow... but this may as well count as a plus as they are beautifully melancholic and introspective.

Although it can be a bit droning sometimes their music isn’t simplistic or boring as they use a lot of unusual twists to both their riffs and song-structures. The vocals though stay pretty simplistic both in terms of lyrics and vocal range, but in my opinion it fits the music perfectly. Although it is true to say that the lyrics are ultra-simplistic, they do have a poetic quality to them and they leave a lot of room for interpretation. If comparisons had to be made I would say Sonic Youth - minus all the feedback and noise. Perhaps a sort of minimalistic Sonic Youth, although that would be selling them a little short...

On this release the band wanted to move a little away from their old formula, beeing fed up of getting the melancholic indie-rock stamp all the time. While this isn’t excactly an up-beat record, it still is a little more accesible and varied than their old releases. Compared to the other albums which where recorded in winter-nights, this time the band practised for about 6 months and recorded the whole thing in 10 hours one summer-day.

And it is true that this record has a kind of warmer feeling to it. The album contains 12 tracks plus a bonus track. The songs vary incredibly - between mid-tempo "heavier" instrumented songs with less use of silence than before and more of a "drive" behind them ("Fell into the well", "A sunset knife right", "My teachers bed") and the quieter and slower shoe-gazing songs with lots of build-up and no normal "pay-off" ("Asymmetric tricks", "Bring on the ether", The big sleep").

"Destinymanifesto" and "An alliance of worlds" are two surprisingly upbeat songs that help give the album variation. The CD comes with an extra DVD with video of their recording process, which I thought was pretty cool.

All in all this is a definite recommendation, I regret not having checked them out sooner after having read many praising reviews. So don’t do the same mistake as I did and check them out as soon as possible! This album would be a perfect staring place, as its a little more accessible compared to their first releases. Just drag your mouse button down to the link and check out some of their songs, they’ve even got a video of the track "Destinymanifesto" from the recording process!

Cheerio and enjoy!


View online : Logh website

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