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Crowpath - "Red On Chrome"

Tuesday 22 June 2004

Crowpath is a Swedish extreme metal band that has just released their first full length after having released a pretty impressive EP. There’s been quite a bit of buzz around this band since their EP and its all well deserved! Red on Chrome may very well be the most abrasive and brutal album I’ve had the good fortune of hearing in a long time.

The first time I listened to this album I was amazed by the sheer intensity of their sound. Truly, I had never heard anything like it before! It is rare that I get to hear a band in this kind of genre with a sound of their own, but these guys defiantly have. In particular, the drums stand out -they sound in my opinion pretty "tribal" and are so intense and relentless I was sure they at least had two drummers. Give it a listen and you’ll immediately understand what I’m talking about. The production is also quite special and contribute a good deal to their sound, while a lot of bands these days go for crystal clear production, Crowpath aren’t afraid of keeping it dirty and gritty, but never too muddy or unclear. Any other band could easily have "drowned" their sound in this kind of production but with the help of Fredrik Reinedahl, Crowpath pulls it off with style.

The songs are short and consistent, the longest one being barely over three minutes long. But instead of milking a good riff for all its worth their songs keep on changing tempo and riffs continually. This may create the sense of chaos and its easy to be overwhelmed by the wall of sound that keeps hitting you. Believe it or not there is a "structure" over all this, and after a couple of listens you’ll hear it. Of course, this is the kind of album that demands repeated listens and it will grow on you.

So if you’re into extreme metal (death, grind, technical and all that stuff) check this out… and, come to think of it, even if you’re not really into that kind of music check it out. The band definitely doesn’t sound like anything out there. What I think you will really like about Crowpath is its authenticity - they don’t come off as pretentious and it sounds kind of natural to me compared to all these black/death/grind metal bands that are trying to scare you with evil make-up, really "scary" and unnatural screams or unimaginative blast-beats every ten seconds.

I won’t compare the band to any other as it would certainly give the wrong picture, instead you can check at their website and listen their song "Kings Among Cockroaches", which is a good example of what to except from Red on Chrome.


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