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Breather Resist - "Charmer"

Wednesday 2 February 2005

Breather Resist is a relatively new band from Kentucky, USA. They play a brand of hardcore similar to Deadguy and Botch with some hints of Jesus Lizard. The band consists of ex-members of The National Acrobat and Black Cross. They’ve already released a full length (entitled Only in the Morning) and a couple of splits on various labels.

This time around they’ve got Jade Tree behind them, which may be kind of suprising since Breather Resist is such a heavy band, but then again they’ve got a certain something that seperates them from other generic heavy bands.
Charmer was produced by Kurt Ballou - a good thing in my book. One cannot but appreciate the raw sound that comes from his productions. Charmer is no exception. You can hear all the instruments clearly and there is this Kurt Ballou signature sound, a raw/live sond without sounding shitty. The record has a depth to it which is exceptional.

There is an enormous amount of bands that attempt to mimic the Botch sound. Notably, rehashing the time signatures... And what really seperates Breather Resist from these, is how well they do it: their inclusion of something that sounds kind of new and which fits in perfectly. You’ve the Jesus Lizard inspiration in here, which gives them a sludge rock sound, done in a very heavy and brutal way, but still very rocking and very groove-laden. This is particularly true for the guitar, with all its string bending and groovy riffs. The vocals are the pretty usual throaty screams à la Botch with a very slight distortion. However, once again all this is done in a very natural way - just the way I like it. The guy sounds angry and passionate and not like he’s trying to scare you or show off his manly though guy vocal or some stupid shit like that. The bass really holds the songs together, and is unusually present for a band this heavy. Final in my instrumental review of the band, the drums. Just what you would expect from a band as talented as these guys.

Then you’ve got all the inclusions of samples, which are actually pretty sparse, but well done and it gives depth to the music. You’ve even got some trumpets on the intro to "As far as goodbyes go", which really caught my ear cause it seems so natural and well executed.

All in all, this is a real dicovery for me, and if you’re into any of the bands mentioned in this review you should definately check them out. Or if you’re into any kind of music that sounds graceful but violent you should also check these guys out!


Listen to their song "A Social Worker’s Nightmare" at their website:

View online : Breather Resist

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