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Ane Brun - "A Temporary Dive"

Saturday 16 April 2005

The reason why Ane Brun is also known as Anne Brunvold in France is pretty self explanatory. You see Ane Brun in French means Brown Donkey, and to be honest it wouldn’t be very fitting (her real name is actually a mix of the two, Ane Brunvold, but who really cares?). Ane Brun is a singer/songwriter from Molde, a small town on west coast of Norway (not so small by Norwegian standards though...). A Temporary Dive is her second release, her first one beeing Spending time with Morgan.

The first time I heard Ane Brun was - believe it or not - on Norwegian breakfast-TV! I had a horrible hangover that morning and sat down and started to zap through the TV-channels. I was feeling pretty down having once more wasted lots of money on alcohol and entrance fees to shitty discoteques. Having again wasted time on the dancefloor feeling like a clown desperatly trying to get attention from cute girls around me, only for them to do a nice little 180 degree dance move and continue the other way. Well, perhaps I DID have a little too much to drink... In any case I really wasn’t in the mood for watching another f***ing 50 Cents video on some MTV lookalike channel! So I zapped, and I zapped, and I zapped again. And finally I stopped at this breakfast TV thing where a reporter interviewed a cute and shy girl about to perform a song called "My lover will go". As she started singing I got mezmerized by her powerful and at the same time fragile voice, by her guitar playing and the overall blusey-pop/folk feel. The song was emotionally powerful, but didn’t sound forced or fake and even though she played alone with only an acoustic guitar it was with enough hooks and melody to make it interesting. It really took a hold of me and stuck to my head for several days after that... It really gave out a nice feeling that I was happy to share with her.

The whole album fits the description above. However there are enough variations to keep it interesting. Not only that but the album does have a multitude of different instruments : piano, drums, bass, different types of strings, even a tuba and a triangle on one song, and lots of other instruments I don’t even know the name of. The texts are mainly about breakup and alienation, sadness and hope - nothing new there. Still, it is all so well written and sung in such a natural way, without ever getting too personal. I would like to point out the duet with Canadian singer Ron Sexsmith. An interesting track. But not exceptional.

The album was realeased through Ane Bruns own independant record label DetErMineRecords ("ItIsMineRecords" - gotta love the name), which is co-managed with the norwegian band The Tiny. The production is well done - although the vocals might seem a little bit too loud some times... but thats just my personal taste. The sound is crisp and nice and you can hear all the instruments clearly.

All in all Ane Brun isn’t the most original and innovative of singer/songwriters out there, but thats really besides the point. It all lies in the excecution, in her beautiful voice and the overall feeling she manages to convey. Definetly someone to keep an eye out for! Her album will be out the 17th May in France and 6th June in the UK. Get ready to be surprised!


View online : Ane Brun’s homepage

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