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These arms are snakes - "This is meant to hurt you"

Wednesday 15 September 2004

These arms are snakes is a relatively new band, signed to Jade Tree and consisting of members from the two excellent hardcore bands Botch and Kill Sadie. Compared to the two innovative hardcore bands, this is less hardcore and more indie rock. In a sense, These Arms Are Snakes could be described as a spaced out version of Fugazi with hints of ...Trails of Dead and a little dose of hardcore aggressiveness. Quite simply, TAAS absolutely rocks!

This debut EP was produced by Matt Bayles and consists of five songs. Five amazing songs that changes from indie rock jams to melodic passages and space rock to some pretty frantic and intense punk/hardcore. Despite that they still manage to stay consistent and make it all flow incredibly well, never sounding forced or unnatural.

The vocals are sung and shouted but rarely screamed, which is a change from the previous bands. They do use distortion on the vocals at times which adds to the aggressive and artsy feel of their sound. A nice touch in my opinion is that the vocals never take center stage. On the contrary, they are used just like another musical instrument. The guitar also relies on a fair amount of effects and the use of pedals, but these artifices are never over-used. With These Arms Are Snakes, nothing ever sounds too forced. All other instruments are nicely present as well, none of them overshadowing any of the others... And this really adds to the overwhelming musical depth!

All in all their sound is pretty dark and brooding. However, at the same time it is angular and infectious - the amount of hooks and loops, the melody. Always interesting and innovative. In my opinion this is a band to look out for. With a debut release like this I only expect the best from these guys. Can’t wait for their first full length to come out!! (Should be out 21 sept in the US on Jade Tree.)


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