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There ain’t no stopping technology

Sunday 18 April 2004

Over the last couple of days, I’ve come across two pretty insane technological forecasts. I don’t know the figures for other countries, but in france 92% of the population now has a mobile phone. Obviously, that includes the young and the elderly. This growth has occured in the last three or four years ! So now, we need a next step, and the market dictates that this shall be the phone-camera. This little gagdet can be used as both a mobile phone and a numeric camera. I think you can all imagine the extent to which the pictures it takes are crappy. Perhaps in a few months time, when the pictures have more pixels, it will be time to go out and buy the newer model...

That is the latest craze. You can call with it, and you can send really bad pictures to your friends of various useless things. Most likely, you’ll be sending them pictures of your arse (if not, someone will do it for you).

Well, when people get tired of using it as an extension of their futility (wow... how harsh and judgmental), they may consider removing the ’f’ from that word. That’s where the new technology comes in. And they are pretty amazing. First you will be able to call a number that will be able to recognize music for you. So when you’re in the elevator of a mall you will be able to identify the shit that’s being imposed on you.

Secondly, and most impressive : you’re lost in the urban jungle. All you have is your mobile. You obviously don’t want to ask for directions (you hate human contact). So you point your phone/camera towards an ugly building or something, send the picture to service, it identifies where you are and gives you directions to where you’re going.

The world is full of possibilities...

— -
Arthur Lutz

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