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Modest Mouse - "Good news for people who love bad news"

Friday 24 September 2004

Modest Mouse’s new album is finally out!! I’ve been waiting for this disc for many many months if not years, as its been pushed back many times and problems kept coming and coming. The bands drummer and founding member Jeremiah Green left the band, and they seemed to be having some problems with their record company (this is their second major label release), but now that’s all over with and the record is finally out!! And I’m glad to say even though I had huge expectations for this I wasn’t disapointed!

Modest Mouse plays an easy recognisable brand of indie/folk-rock with an experimental/progressive twist and a penchant for philosophical and existential lyrics. It may sound wierd but you’ll be surprised how accesible and easy to listen to Modest Mouse really are!
They’ve been around for many years and are quite popular in the US. Their last album, "The Moon and The Antartica", was a pretty big step forward for Modest Mouse; it beeing more progressive and with alot of production wizardry and other nice details compared to older releases, it was a bit more sophisticated in many ways. This time they’ve returned a little to their simpler indie rock roots and come off a little poppier and more accesible. Thats not to say this is a generic pop release, far from it; this album is full of creativity, sincerity and originality!

They’re using alot of different instruments this time around, ranging from horns to banjo to piano and a number of "wierd" homemade instruments. This gives the album a much broader sound than what we’ve been used to from past albums. "Good news for people who loves bad news" is, like "The moon and the antartica", a big step forward for Modest Mouse. They’re no longer the indie rock band that they once where, but a much more mature band that crosses genres with great ease, and melts the whole into their own particular sound. There’s lots of variations between songs on the album as well, ranging from the Tom Waits inspired "This devil’s workday" (in which they had the help from the dirty dozen brass band) to the more classical Modest Mouse song "The view". Lyrically this album is alot more positive and happier than their older releases. Brock seems to take things a little on the lighter side, "Float on" is a perfect example of that.
All in all this is another great release from one of the better kept secrets from the US. Definetly worth checking out!


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