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Mobile Frenzy or the Eternal Thirst Marketer…

Friday 27 August 2004

The latest in mobile phone frenzy and its gizmo gimmicks would be crappy photographs and the socio-pathologies it can or could lead to as we once evoked here. But no, it gets worse. A trend in image “stealing” has been noticed in newspaper stands: apparently unscrupulous people use their fine piece of technology to avoid buying magazines. Take a picture of the page you want to read and you’re done. The trick is trivial, yet who would have thought of it? Surely not me.

My lack of perception on that front, thankfully, is countered by the great amount of “creativity” marketing people are gifted with. Where would the world be at if it wasn’t for these people? Bill Hicks cannot rest at peace. A magazine, whose name we won’t endeavour to mention here (mainly because you probably wouldn’t recognize it), launched a sort of contest with some freebies to win, rewarding people who send to the magazine phone pictures of the advertising in their magazine. They argue that it helps getting people involved in the magazine and can also – incidentally – give them info on which ads catches the attention of their readers.

Shame we’re an ad-free publication, we could ask you to send in pictures of you next to your computer screen reading the mag… now wouldn’t that get you involved?

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