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Le Tone - Playlist

Sunday 10 August 2003

Funnily enough I discovered Le Tone in England, this "french touch" artist was noticed by the greater public on the compilation Soundwave 3. Not long after, he releases his first opus Le petit nabab. It’s some good old, badly-shaven electro that hits walls as it unfolds. Even for non-electro oriented listeners there is a definite charm to it. SOUNDS HQ recommends it.

But we are here to talk about Le Tone’s return! The much awaited Playlist is finally out. My expectations being high, disappointement was just around the corner. Indeed, unconvinced by the first tracks I skipped nervously from song to song. number 4 was a refreshing exception. Le Tone experiments with live female vocals (used to mess around mostly with voice samples). Namely : Rosette (who contributed to some Massive Attack tracks) and Emilie Simon, whose name seems to spring up in interesting projects, some say the new "french bjork"... we’re not yet convinced.

Behind the first sight homogeneity of the sounds found on this opus, we perceive at times the deconstruction and messiness we loved on his previous work. Some of the material is still on the "right" "straight" road of ambient electro but Le Tone sometimes makes a curve and ends up on uncovered tracks. And we like that.

Arthur Lutz

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