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Knuckledust - "Universal Struggle"

Friday 30 April 2004

« Together we stand… divided we brawl ». Those words, so often barked out by Pierre Knuckledust’s front-man, take on a new meaning in this oh-so-heavy Universal Struggle. This is Knuckledust doing what they do best : intense and groovy UK hardcore.

Ever since I’ve seen the band play live in London, some years ago, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the London scene, watching their every move. I say so with pride. Patience has paid off and once again, Knuckledust exceed themselves and my own expectations.

To describe Universal Struggle in every detail would be pointless. Beatdown groovecore with Sick of it All sounds ? Aggressive like Madball ? Whatever… What matters is that ALL hardcore fans will feel blessed once they give this a listen. It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s often political… but mostly it’s plain old UKHC fun and bounce.


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