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Israel shares military occupation instruction videos to the US army

Wednesday 15 October 2003

From Arieh O’Sullivan, The Jerusalem Post, September 17th, 2003

"The US military has asked the Israeli army to translate its special educational software program that teaches soldiers how to behave in occupied territories, so US forces can apply it in Iraq, senior Israeli officers said Wednesday. The newly completed software teaches the IDF’s code of conduct, which is based on 11 principles. These deal with such issues as how to behave at roadblocks, during arrests and searches and with rioters. All are common events soldiers face in the West Bank and Gaza Strip."

"The software, developed by the Judge Advocate General’s office, will be distributed to command courses in the IDF by the end of the month. It uses movie clips, animation and scenarios to show soldiers what is the right and wrong way to behave in this sensitive area of limited combat. It was made in conjunction with the Ground Forces Command education and technology

Why are Israel and the US giving fuel for extremist interpretations of their respective conflicts by collaborating in such ways? Sounds like they want to be seen as brothers in arms...

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