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Clue to Kalo - "Come Here when you Sleepwalk"

Friday 20 February 2004

Clue to Kalo is a three piece band... Live, they have one guy on guitar and another on drums. But here is the catch. The third musician is more of a computer nerd. He comes on stage carrying a lap-top... That last man is Mark Mitchell, the mind and heart behind the whole kaboodle...

On record, Mark Mitchell insists on going solo. Come here when you sleepwalk was recorded and constructed entirely in the city of Adelaide in Australia, Mark’s home town. It is a superb piece of non-traditional songwriting with clever laptop production.

Mush Records is entirely dedicated to underground hip-hop and progressive, dirty beats. Therefore, to discover that Clue to Kalo has signed with them does come as surprise. Clue to Kalo is everything that you want it to be, but it sure as hell ain’t hip-hop...

My advice, to all those electronica loving animals, is to give Clue to kalo a listen. Listen to the complex rhythms and the angelic vocals... Listen to the Sigur Rös song, "The first song of the rest of your life" and then listen to the more Belle and Sebastian influenced "This dies over distance".

Clue to Kalo is just relaxing, mellow, clever and inspired. House music hysterics may abstain but for others, I really can’t find an excuse.



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