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Alan Replica - Clockworks, Juliet

Thursday 15 April 2004

Alan Replica (aka MASQ) - "Clockworks"...

One man, a few instruments, a sequencer and a home studio... that’s what it takes to recover the new-wave trend from the dead 1980s. Behind this raw but energetic EP hides a keyboard manipulator, and the least we know of him emanates from the dark ages contemporary to Eurythmics or depeche Mode. Produced by Ninthwave Records, Alan Replica’s LP is now out since april 13th 2004, and if your curiosity aches, check out the "Electricity 2" compilation by the same record label which should be out by now. It’s still time to reconsider your music genre and hop by www.ninthwaverecords.com or even www.electrogarden.com for more electronic music.

For a more detailed biography, go to http://www.ninthwaverecords.com/replicahome.html where you can discover the man’s influences and the musical rig he uses.

The next album named Simulacra is finished and should be out in 6 months, and Alan’s Replica is working on a third album called Darkness which should be darker and "17th Century ornaments orientated" as he told me.

An interesting fact is the commercialisation of the CD: Alan Replica has given the rights to sell his album to an american company (Ninthwaverecords) who intends to distribute it around Northern America only. To overpass this localisation, the company and the band have decided to sell the music on the internet, using iTunes, CDbaby, or CdNow... This practice is more and more common for small groups and should be widened as a way to block the massive exchange of "free" music over the internet.

Until official site, send mails for Alan Replica to alan_replica_tm@yahoo.com.

View online : Alan Replica’s Bio

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